Research & Development



  • Development of EPDM weather strips for the major OEM’s to meet the demand of changing Global Market.
  • Development of new coating techniques for application on various profiles.
  • New process and products development for innovative products as per customer’s requirements.
  • Cost reduction and VA/VE projects identification and implementation.
  • In-house Design, Development and introduction of new sealing technologies.
  • “FIRST TIME IN INDIA CONCEPT” for development of technology for Super soft, colored profile and light weight innovative products.


  • EPDM based super soft Sponge coextruded door weather strip for Suzuki vehicles. (First Time in India)
  • Indigenous development of High Diene and high Ethylene content EPDM.
  • Glass cord insert wind shields, seal hood and door seals.
  • Colour door seal for M&M vehicles. (First Time in India)
  • Twin tube door seal for Daimler India.
  • Replacement of Flocking with Flock Tape. . (First Time in India)
  • TPE Extrusion with Stainless Steel. (First Time in India)
  • Usage of EPDM reclaim in with premium compound.
  • 3M tape application auto process with primer drying time pokayoke.
  • Drilling, Cutting and Notching in single machine.
  • Development of Flashless Mould. (First Time in India)
  • Started of in-house design activities for Indian OEMs.